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Yahoo! as an internet giant always offers different

e-commerce platforms and online shopping services in a B2C approach. Go In Marketing is offering our clients professional and proven event management services including launching, conference, promotional campaign, grand opening, joint promotions by taking care of all highly attentive details. We crossed paths with Yahoo! Since 2016, Go In Marketing, as the authorized partner, has assisted Yahoo! to expand its business and client base. In 2019, Yahoo! was organizing the Hong Kong Hot Search Restaurants Award. Online participants were required to support by purchasing the promotional items of their preferred restaurant as a precious vote.

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Let’s experience the diverse food charm of local delicacies! We see mountains of F&B awards in Hong Kong however lack

transparency. To build credibility and raise attention, Yahoo! held the first Hot Search Restaurant Awards in 2018, in which Go In Marketing was their marketing and event planner. Besides updating the nomination list daily, the event became even more unique to launch “One Purchase representing One Vote”, inviting netizens to select their favorite cuisines and restaurants. After two enthusiastic rounds, 194,224 votes have been recorded. Yahoo! Hot Search Restaurant Awards 2018 Awards Ceremony was successfully held in mid-2019. 46 shortlisted restaurants in eight cuisines attended including Cantonese, Southeast Asian, Japanese and Korean, Western, buffet, Hong Kong-style authentic, tea snack, and Chinese cuisine. Two shortlisted restaurants with the highest sales in each category will be awarded the Most Popular Award and receive a trophy with certificate.


As a result, Kam Kee Cafe won 28,959 votes, becoming the champion among all, followed by Hau Xing Yu Shredded Chicken with 24,304 votes. Having been hot among Hong Kong customers, Hang Heung Cake Shop and Tam Jai Sam Gorachieved impressive results with 24,117 votes and 20,000 votes respectively. In the end, we have gained more than $11.4 in sales, over $300 KOL exposure and 190K coupons sold.


Go In Marketing was handling and executing as Yahoo!’s agency for the whole event in a professional and timely manner. Our service scope included online content curation, restaurant liaison, event-award ceremony, e-commerce, EDM promotion, AD management, and KOL & MI management.

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