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Solution - KOL Promotion

KOL promotion by using right public figures or news organization like Corrupt The Youth, Tsao Chip & Stand News to write articles and do sharing


The 3rd HK Digital Advertising Start-ups × Publishing (Writers) Promotion Support Scheme (2021)

Hong Kong's first support scheme combining start-up digital advertising companies and emerging writers in the publishing industry. Through the support program, the two industries can be linked, creating a spark of creativity, transcending traditional thinking, and presenting one creative digital advertising work after another.


Digital Advertising Design (for Publishing) Gold Award


Solution - Mirco Film

Go In Marketing X Writers - Ng Kwai Lun, Chung Yat Nork, Roger & Leung Tsz Tun

Ming Pao Publications Limited - Crystal Window Books -  “This is…Life and Death Education”


Dramatically package "Life and Death Education". Let the  audience reflect on life while enjoying the storyline.


Blank endings allow the viewers to imagine and stimulate thinking. At the same time, it arouses the public's interest in "life and death education", so as to buy books to learn more.


Locally produced with compellting storylines and disseminated via online platforms/social networking sites/public figures. Attract a large number of clicks in a short period of time to achieve the effect of publicity

The public can easily watch through smartphones in different occasions and at any time. It is conducive to the wide dissemination and clicks of micro-movies on the Internet, and increases the publicity effect.

Solution - Club House

Invite different parties and professionals to share their views on "life and death" at Clubhouse. Hope to inspire the public through  dialogue:  “Death is not a taboo topic, we must take the initiative to face it and prepare for this inevitable life course”

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