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Window 11 Brand Video

Grand Launch Event

Brings You Closer to What You Love

Microsoft, as a world-leading developer of personal-computer software systems and applications, proudly launched Windows 11 in 2021 to raise a new era of advanced productivity and effectiveness.


Windows 11 is with the following features:


  • Bring Balance to your desktop

  • Curate your Content

  • Play with PC Game Pass

  • Refocus your workflow


Introducing Windows 11

Strategy - Branding Video Featuring Anson Kong


Anson Kong@Mirror x Windows 11
與 您 所 愛      更 加 貼 近

Go In Marketing has demonstrated impressive and blasting creativity and accurate planning, leading the whole process of video production.


We have successfully and honorably invited hot celebrity Anson Kong from Mirror to illustrate the concepts that Windows 11 represents.

Strategy - Launch Event


Featuring star talents Shirley Sham and Jason Chan, we were thrilled to plan and execute the grand launch event partnered with Fortress.


Setting up the fun experience zone, visitors could feel the energetic vibes of Windows 11 by enjoying the functions it brought.

Online & Offline Happening

As an extension of the collaboration with Anson Kong, the public could see Anson Kong’s exposure from the bus and outdoor placement.

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